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Loss of a best friend.

My best friend...no my older sister by choice died last night. Many of you were friends with her, so I felt that I should post a message in hopes that those here that knew here would get the message, and we could work together to heal.

Our mutual friend, ladyblkrose has left this plane of existence last night, 28 January 2013. She had been in the hospital for some time, and finally was unable to fight any longer.

My grief is all but debilitating, but I will try to answer any questions, and will post details for her service when I have them.

Please keep her family and other friends in your thoughts and prayers.

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Here I am, taking quizzes

Though I didn't expect these results, I do think this is pretty accurate. Hhhmmmmm, curiouser and curiouser.


One thing sure to make me smile

I love this picture. I giggle everytime I see it.



Found this somewhere online. People wonder why or how we can slash comics. Then I just show them scenes like this. It is just slash-arific.


Found the website that provided this gem, it has bunches of silly stuff.

Check out: http://goodcomics.comicbookresources.com/2011/05/01/goofiest-moments-archive/


That Kiss

I wrote this with mithen 's shuffle challenge in mind. Though, admittedly I kind of had to force it in the end. Her challenge at least inspired me, which I believe was the point.

There was no beta, this came to me while I was at work, and I wrote it in about an hour, so, please let me know of any problems.

That KissCollapse )

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

This is my first, very first attempt at a Batman/Superman fic. I'm dedicating this story to ladyblkrose for her whining, and nagging to get me to write something, and to me_ya_ri for her beta work, and support.


Title: Cold Hands, Warm Heart
Author: lorena_at_large
Pairing: Clark/Bruce (implied)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: If I owned any of this, I’d have a better computer. Nothing is mine. Alas, alack.
Warning: Nothing really, just a few swear words, even though ladyblkrose would want smut.
Word Count: 1,491
Spoilers: None of which I know.
Summary: Bruce notices a temperature change.
Feedback: Comments, though not required, are appreciated, and they will make me feel good. At least I’ll know someone took the time to read.



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No reason

I'm just writing this so I can use my new userpic. Yay me!!

The best laid schemes...

Well, this has been interesting...not. I really was hoping to keep up with this journal. I'm going to give it another shot. I helps that I now have a netbook, so I can write whatever I wish without worring about "big brother" looking over my shoulder. Sometimes working for "the man" sucks.

Let's start with an update of my life.

The only real interesting thing that has changed is that I have been conversing with a gentleman on fetlife.com. He's a friend of a friend, who is now my friend. I'm hoping he will become my Sir/Master as well, even if only for a short time. He is in agreement that we should meet, and play. I'm rather excited about that prospect.

No other major changes in my life, which actually is a little sad. I guess I'll have to start writing since nothing is happening. Where to start, where to start.


lntroduction, of sorts

This is rather foreign to me. Writing on a computer, and sharing it, I mean, not writing in general. I have enjoyed writing for what can only be called a moment in my life, though most of it was for classes, or for my own amusement. This journal is hopefully going to assist me in loosing some of my shyness, and finding, well, me. I prefer writing with pen and ink, so I will probably only post finished works.

I am planning on writing fan fiction. My favorite fandoms are Batman, Superman, Supernatural, both NCIS shows, and all CSI shows. Though I want to write fan fiction, I do plan to write, and post my own works as well. Hopefully, I will be not only proficient, but prolific as well.

If anyone reads this besides myself, I hope you will enjoy some, or at leastany of my stories. My first few posts will be introductions to my personal characters.