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Words are the doorway to the soul

This soul is a small part of a larger picture

4 March 1971
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I am a Victorian lady at heart, I am a writer, and I enjoy multicultural activities, food and dress. I am a hopeless romantic, a natural submissive, and looking for the right type of sir. I have a strong bondage kink, though I'm not into pain. No, being a submissive does not mean that I like, or want, pain. I firmly believe in courtesy, manners, correct grammer usage, and general good upbringing. A woman should always have standards, and should be strong enough to hold to, and enforce them. I also believe that neither chivalry nor romance is dead nor a lost art; they both just ned to be demanded and encouraged.

Take some time to get to know me. Just be polite, and I will not bite (unless commanded that is).