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That Kiss

I wrote this with mithen 's shuffle challenge in mind. Though, admittedly I kind of had to force it in the end. Her challenge at least inspired me, which I believe was the point.

There was no beta, this came to me while I was at work, and I wrote it in about an hour, so, please let me know of any problems.


Title: That Kiss
Author: lorena_at_large
Pairing: ?? (in my head - Bruce/Clark (implied) )

Rating: PG (a couple of swear words)
Disclaimer: If I owned any of this, I’d have a better computer. Nothing is mine. Alas, alack.
Warning: Nothing really, just a few swear words. 
Word Count: 298
Spoilers: None of which I know.
Summary: Reflections of a kiss.
Feedback: Comments, though not required, are appreciated, and they will make me feel good. At least I’ll know someone took the time to read.


That kiss, that’s when it all happened, that first damned kiss.

Things were going fine. We worked together. Occasionally we had coffee together. Sometimes we talked about our day. Mainly, we had a congenial, easy going, uncomplicated relationship. One could even go as far as saying we were casual friends.

Then it happened.

The kiss.

The kiss that changed everything.

Gone were the studious, long nights of diligently reviewing cases; the ability to argue without remorse. Gone were the quiet, simple coffee breaks. Gone was the congenial, easy going, un-fucking-complicated relationship. Gone was the casual friendship.

Those times are now just memories of long ago.

Who would think that the simple act of two pairs of lips touching, even for a short amount of time, could be the catalyst of such a catastrophic shift?

Now, when we work together, there are sly smiles. The long nights aren’t always spent in front of a computer. Arguments result in hurt feelings, and finding ways of saying sorry. Coffee breaks happen more often, and are filled with the slightest brush of a finger against a finger, or a foot against a foot, or just a look. We talk about families, friends, and there is even, God forbid, laughter. Now we have a…relationship. It’s complicated. It’s full of where to eat, when to meet, remembering dates, thinking about each other, missing each other, worrying about each other, wondering what each other is doing, planning discreet and quick “meetings”.  Now we are more than friends, we’re companions, no…lovers.

One kiss.

One simple act of two people pressing their lips together. There wasn’t even any tongue, just lips.

Soft, supple, slightly moist, sweet, lips.

Almost accidental.

Almost avoided.

Almost lost.

A simple act.

That kiss.

That in dreams is re-lived, happily, over and over.


May. 7th, 2011 12:26 pm (UTC)
Oh, yay, you made my day!



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